About Us

By the summer of 1976, Norm and Rose Robinson had created a bustling campground in South Jersey that used up all of their energy as they created a “happy place” for all their customers.  After long days working in the office, store and snack shop, they would fall exhausted into their Lazy Boy chairs in the evenings and prop their feet up and poured over the latest issue of Yankee Magazine.  Their minds were filled with memories of the serenity they experienced when they took vacations to go leafing in New England.

One night as they took their nightly “vacation” in their easy chairs, they read about a house located on it’s own island out in the middle of Joe’s Pond.  By the time they reached Danville, VT to check it out they found out there were over 400 other people on the waiting list in front of them.  However, they quickly fell in love with the town, the pond and the people. They knew that they HAD to have their own “happy place” to sneak away to at the end of each busy summer season.  After searching the local real estate, they settled on a red “Barn” shaped house that felt like home immediately. Since that time, a second house was purchased so there are now two cottages right there on Joes Pond.

Joe’s Pond has been a home-away-from-home for four generations of the Robinson family who sneak up to enjoy some of the serenity for themselves.

We hope you enjoy our family’s little slice of heaven on Joe’s Pond.

– The Robinson Families

Robinsons Retreat sign